Wicked in text posts, Act I


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#swag #ever since they started making these for women i've been buying them #my mum got me a pair recently and i was so glad because the ones i had were either broken or about to break #i always fear that they'll go out of style and they'll stop being mass produced or produced at all and i'll have nothing to wear to work #fashion


i went pants shopping the other day and i was like “dont you have pants with actual…. pockets??”

and the poor saleslady looked like she was struggling and she looked quite confused

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Mess, sketch, and line-art for Recipes for the Dead: Steam Minted Meringue!

I feel like I’m drawing a lot of piles of roses lately, this is the third time I’ve invoked that particular space filler. I can’t help it though. They’re all curly and fun. And technically thematic to the issue! 

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Hu Ge and Alan Dawa Dolma(44 plays)


阿兰·达瓦卓玛 (One Persistent Thought) - Hu Ge & Alan Dawa Dolma

#cries #music #chinese drama #which happens to be a period romance tragedy thing and i am 5 episodes away from the end #which means it is just VERY depressing at this point and the happy moments are like... so little #why do i do this to myself #in the happy shows the angst comes about two thirds in #and then deux ex machina tada happy ending #in which schwa forgets the basic structure of tragedies despite the fact that life the past year has been a tragedy

Do I wake up feeling punched because I think about the possible catharsis of getting beat up… or do I think about getting beat up because I keep waking up feeling like I was knocked unconscious the night before?

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Victorian Cinquedea Dagger 

  • Provenance: The William Ashby Collection

The Cinquedea (“five fingers”, in reference to the blade width) was a popular civilian sidearm originating in Northern Italy circa 1525-1550. This is a Victorian example measuring 22 3/4 inches overall, the blade is 17 inches long and 3 1/2 inches wide across the base, with ten fullers on each side, arranged in four expanding rows from tip to base, the last two rows on each side are decorated with golden scroll and leafy vine patterns, extending 9 inches upward, surrounding a 2 inch wide scene of a Greco-Roman deity on each side.

One side features Jupiter/Zeus sitting in his chair, lightning clenched in his fist, while Aquila, the eagle responsible for carrying and guarding the bolts, looks on. The reverse shows Pluto/Hades seated on a throne with a scroll in his hand, while Cerberus, the 3-headed guard dog of the underworld, is seated beside him and a cypress tree in the background. The gold decoration continues on the guard and pommel, with a pair of smooth ivory grip panels fitted with cut-through metal disc accents. 

Source: Copyright © 2014 Rock Island Auctions

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↳ Cassandra Cain / Batgirl / Black Bat



 Cassandra Cain / Batgirl / Black Bat

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Derek and I do really talk about Lil Gotham all the time. ignore the miracle whip part I guess…

It’s okay because you use an android all is forgiven.


Derek and I do really talk about Lil Gotham all the time. ignore the miracle whip part I guess…

It’s okay because you use an android all is forgiven.

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that awkward moment when you look at the time and go wow i get to sleep before 1am that’s early.



*breaks leg* but..are my eyebrows okay?

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Where does the smell of rain come from?

If you said “from the sky,” then congratulations! You are hilarious. But it’s a lot more interesting than that. The pungent perfume that accompanies rainstorms carries special chemical signatures, some born from lightning, some from deep within the soil.

And beyond just being pleasant and nostalgic, those smells are actually useful to some living things, such as telling plants when it’s time to grow, guiding camels across the desert, and even signaling some fish when it’s time to get “romantic”. 

Take a big whiff, because there’s a science storm a-comin’!

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